Audiomeca DAC repair needed

As title states I have an Audiomeca Dac in need or repair. It is the Ambrosia Dac which utilizes Crystal 8414 receiver and Burr Brown 63 dac chips. Unit powers up fine and all inputs light up etc. but I am currently unable to get it to lock onto the input digital signal. I have tried different cables, inputs, etc. to no avail. At this point I need someone who can lend me a hand in getting this trusty companion of mine back into service. I am located in Southern California and someone nearby would be highly desireable. However, I have original box etc. so shipping is a possibility. I am not looking to break the bank here fixing this piece and hopefully it is a minor issue. Any input, advice, repair locations etc. would be of tremendous help.
Mitch Singerman in Venice
Thanks, and what is the best way to reach him?
Any more ideas, I really need this fixed???
Google would de my first choice Affordable would be my next choice.
Try the following. If he can't do it, perhaps he can steer you.

Scott Frankland Assoc.
706 Charcot Avenue
San Jose, CA 95131

408-432-1500 TEL
408-432-1501 FAX