Audiokinesis/Soundlab listener request

Am looking for a friendly A'gon member who might be able to host me for an afternoon to audition (ideally) a Dreammaker from Audiokinesis or A1/M1 from Soundlab.

I live near Williamsburg, Va and would be willing to drive say 300 miles.

Wish I could help on this. Certainly there must be some Soundlab owners in the Washington, DC area.
I have a pair of Soundlab M2 PX's running with M-1.2 Atma-Sphere amps and an Atma-Sphere M-1.2 preamp. You're more than welcome to come over and listen to them. I live in Silver Spring MD, which is in the Washington DC area.

Steve Bindeman
As a current S/L M1 owner, I'm interested in the results of your auditioning.

As downsizing is probably in our not too distant future, SET amps & Duke's speakers are appealing especially when they're compared to the 200 lb. ea. CAT monoblocks & M1's that I presently own.

So, if you think of it, or have the inclination, I would love to hear of your findings.