Audio Research V70 or VS55 power amp

I've got the V70 power amp, and have the chance to buy a VS55 (but can't audition it).
The VS55 seems a bargain, but only if it improves my existing amp! I'm using Proac 1027BE floor standers, and a ARC LS2B preamp.
I don't have any particular problems with the V70, apart from a "ticking" noise from fans, but always looking for improvements!
Any thoughts?
You would do better to upgrade the 2B
Didn't expect that answer, but I'm open to suggestions from anyone who knows ARC amps - I love the Audio Research sound, but I've not heard many. What else could I get to beat the 2b for second money $1600 (£800)?
Or could I upgrade the 2B in some way by changing components?
Hi Steve,
Fully agree with Tweak1, you should better upgrade the preamp than your V70. The LS2B is a good preamp (i used to have a LS2 and LS2BMKII) but audio research did a lot of improvement since the LS2. I would recommend you the LS5MKII if you like natural sounding or the LS25MKII if you prefer something more open, and more dynamic. The budget for those 2 preamp are maybe higher than $1600, but i'm not sure the LS15 or LS16 can be much better than the LS2B (i've just compare my parent's wife LS15 vs my LS25MKII, then they are not on the same league). I don't know the SP16 but you will have issue with the XLR connection of the V70.