Audio Research MP1 experience

Does anyone have any experience using this preamp? Both as either a two channel or multiple channel setup?
I have one, but in an unusual configuration, that limits my experience on how it "sounds". I have a blended 2ch/multi-ch system with a video projector. I bought the MP-1 to handle the analog "outs" of my sacd & dvd-a player, but also have a marantz a/v preamp to handle hdmi sources that runs thru the balanced "processor loop" of the MP-1 & then to my 2 ch preamp processor pass thru (arc ref-3) With the state of multi-channel audio's sacd & dvd-a formats dwindling releases, it's rare that I listen the the actual output of the mp-1 (rather than the pass thru). I can say the MP-1 doesn't seem to have any obvious flaws or weaknesses, but again I'm listening to sacd/dvd-a sources that I'm less familiar with than my 2 ch system. My sources are a Marantz dv-9600 & a marantz BD-8002(?)& an arc cd-7 for CD's. I previously used the Sony M/ch preamp & then a fosgate M/CH tube preamp (FAP-V1) The MP-1 is very versatile & the blend of channels is very coherent. My rational in purchasing the unit was that the analog outputs of the "players" I had deserved an analog signal path.But the marantz AV8003 a/v controller really sounds quite decent on it's own, so I only use the MP-1 when playing sacd or dvd-a's & have about 100 titles...
I'd like to buy one.. black if possible.