Audio Research is looking to sell the company


I just read on Audio that Audio Research is looking for a buyer to keep the company going for years to come. After all the Tube GuRu Bill johnson is turning 75. The company wants all things to stay the same with customer service. Audio Research products would still have parts to repair their equipment as they have always done. I don't know about the rest of you guys but I am a little nervous having two components from them and having that security blanket that they can fix my future problems. Maybe the new buyers will not take the same approach. What do you think?
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There is no shortage of excellent techs out there who can not only fix your Audio Research gear, but also offer modifications to improve them. If its the gear you like I wouldn't worry about it. Their amps and preamps are also very reliable and likely won't need service anyway.
I have only had ARC gear since 1979 and I have found it to be highly reliable and servicable. I am not particularly anxious about the company being sold, at least as far as my own current equipment is concerned (VT100mkII/LS16). I had an SP5 and a D52B from 1979 until 1999 that never gave me any problems. In fact when I decided to purchase new equipment I was surprised they were still in business. Even if the company tanked completely the equipment can be serviced and repaired through anyone of a number of sources. There seems to be strong opinions about this company, but I have found the designs to be robust and the sonic quality exceptional particularly when the equipment is placed on the performance/value curve. If they go under at least the camp that complains about all the frequent upgrades will be silenced.
Have anyone try SP-16 yet? Is this a good time to buy from ARC? Kevyo, thanks for telling us that ARC is looking for some buyers. I like to held my upgrade for a few months.

From Italy; I agree with Jeff wu, SP 16 (and Ref. 1) aren't ARC quality products; here in Italy a lot of people sell their Ref 1 for LS 25. But there were no problems in future, because a lot of good technicians can repair and upgrade ARC; the problem is that we'll forget a good Ref 3!
This is old news (as in years old).

I would not worry about them being sold.
Bill Johnson is simply ready to retire, and at around 75 years old, who can blame him...
Not a big deal. They'll be around for awhile.
And if they aren't, as others have said, their equipment runs for years and years without a hitch. Still have an SP-14 from 1987(?) 88(?) Anyway, it's super.
ARC products are simplicty at its best . A have an ARC tube amp for years and have not spent a penny on repairs ever! only some new 6550 tubes. The equiptent is musical and built to last generations. 25 years from now ARC gear will stand next to The Marantz 10B Family as the best of its time with little company ! Few manufactures can compare ! If the hearsay or upgrade nonsense softens prices, thats great! Jump on a VT 100 mark II its probably better than 85 % or more of whats out there . and for under $ 4,000.00 its a steal! Repairs should be no problem for decades as they are simple designs which do not use any crazy parts to my knowledge !
Years ago when all the audio world was going the way of solid state, ARC was holding the flag of tubes alone. I believe they will sell to someone who will carry on their tradition of dedication to musical reproduction with tubes and solid state. I have owned ARC gear, both tubes and solid state. I enjoyed both amps and preamps I had by ARC. ARC will remain with us for many more years of musical excellence. Jallen