Audio research D240 MkII Amp

I'm considering this amp for a 2nd system, and I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on it, as I do not have any 1st hand experience. Also, any idea how much a clean example would sell for?

Stratguy: I have had several of the D-240 MKII's....First of all don't buy a none MK II.....The one's I have had were very nice sounding amp's, maybe even a little "tube" sounding...They have good power.....And you should be able to buy one from 700.00 to 900.00 ....That is all I know
Thanks Autospec. So, what you are saying is...if I buy a D240, only buy a mkII, is that correct?

I have used two D-240's for more than ten years. They are
tremendous amps, wonderfully musical and reliable. The first was a MKI which at that time could be upgraded to a
MKII by ARC at no charge. I prefer the sound after the upgrade although I didn't have it long as a MKI. I had a look inside before I sent it away and on it's return. The
changes made were substantial. I've never had a reliability issue with either one. I listen to them every day with Proac 2.5's and Tablette 50 sigs.
Hi, i use also 2 of these warm sounding amps i needed more power so i bought a second one and bridged them into 2 mono amps. to keep this great sound .. i use the
ARC LS25 MKII as pre-amp with selfmade transmissionline speakers with Eton units and a marantz CD16 Modified.
take care from Holland