Audio Research 150.2 with Jm Labs 926 Electras?

Any opinions on whether or not this would be a good pairing would be greatly appreciated.
I've never heard the JM 926s, but I have heard the ARC 150.2 with a variety of speakers (Vandy, Magneplaner, Aerial, Pro-Ac) and always thought the sound was pretty good.
There shouldn't be any problems. The 926s are surprisingly easy to drive, going by the readout on my McIntosh power meters. My last speakers, Paradigm 100.2, used at least 3x more power than the 926s so the 150.2 should work great (unless your room is a concert hall in which case you wouldn't be looking at 926s).

Either way, they are awesome speakers and very neutral IMO. I haven't heard any ARC on them (aside from an LS3b preamp I had). The 926s are very revealing so it depends on what preamp and sources you will be using too. Every system change is obvious with the Electras - the Paradigms didn't make component swapping as much fun. Of course that is two way street too - bad recordings and grainy electronics will sound bad and grainy. I think ARC will be no problem if you like that kind of sound. Good luck!