Audio refinement vs AA Puccini vs Linn M

Out of these three, which would be best choice for "classical" music?
Tinfoil: What is the rest of your system? Also what have you been using for an amp and what is it that you would like to change soundwise? System synergy is important when selecting components. I have home demoed some well reviewed pieces that did not cut it with my system, room and personal taste as well.
I have had the Linn Majik and the AA Puccini...I've heard the Audio Refinement in a store and didn't care for it too much..the sound was TOO refined for my taste...almost uninvolving....for Majik is like that too....quite laid back and lacking in the "boogie" factor....The Puccin is a delight though and has one of the best midrange tonality I've heard from a solid state integrated...I would definitely go with the Puccini.
I too liked the Puccini...very good value and sweet sounding. I did find that it lacked the "kahoonas" that I desired and went with a more powerful unit. (I am referring to the Puccini SE)
...i prefer Majik's neutrality! Beware the solid state amp that "wants" to be a tube amp! But that's my taste... or lack of it. They are all great units, you'll do good with any of them.
I don't have experience with the Puccini or the Linn myself but do own the Audio Refinement and I love it. Too refined like the other poster said? Not to me, I find it a nice blend of solid state and tubes, sounding refined but still very up beat and has excellent pace. I find it works great with classical myself. But in my view you probably wouldn't go wrong with any of these amps. You have obviously done your homework, in that all of these amps are more refined and would work well with classical.
Have you tried the Sim Audio Celeste i5080? It is a great integrated amp . It's very neutral sounding and very transparent. There isn't really much of a signature to it. It has a lot of detail and will distinguish a cello from a violin if classical music is what you prefer. I have heard minute details in recordings I never knew existed throuhgh my Quicksilver monos. The Sim has tight bass and there is no grain in the highs. I would put this amp at the top of your list. It retails for 1300.00 which is a little more than the refinement and puccini. I haven't heard the linn or puccini, but I compared it to and bought it over the refinement. You can read some of the reviews at or the subjective ones at audioreview. I found the Sim to play much louder with less strain than the complete. It is close in sound to there 2500.00 moon integrated at about half the price.I'm sure they are all good amps. I just preferred the neutralness of the Sim. Goodluck in you search.
I have owned both, and I can tell you that The Audio Refinement outdoes the Magik in every way.
Nothing comes close to the Audio Refinement for the money.
The Magik is not even in the same league.