Audio Prism s CD Black light disc mat

Anybody have any experience or feedback they want to share on this green glow in the dark plastic/magnetic mat thingy that Audio Prisms makes?...called the CD Black Light I believe? I seemed to remember that this thing was supposed to work better than anything for a digital tweek. It was even recommended components material in Stereophile a while back...then got ditched from "the Guide" Anyone have any thoughts or oppinions?
I found no positive effect on sound, I have tried several CD
mats now and none gave me any noticeable improvement. It seemed to make CD harder to spin and grip by CD motor also.
I just knew you'd be here on this Sam. (Mr Tweak") I too have tried this;with more trouble,than sonic improvement. Still got that lil'sucker around here somewhere.You could get 10 or so and use them for ambiance in the listening room.I also had a Statmat / no "glow in the dark" features / but it did get exciting when my transport swallowed it.A quick call to 911 / they came out / tried the Heimlich / no go / had to open that sucker up / but all is well now.I put that thing in a brown paper bag, left it in the trash late at night, unobserved; Imagine my embarrassment if somebody would have seen me.
I have recently purchased one for stable platter transports and it has gotten stuck in the transport with a cd because it does not lay flat.It also does not hold a "charge" for more than two songs.I have e-mailed Audioprism with these concerns and it has been two weeks with no response.
I do not notice the difference using the different light sources to charge it. I guess once I get it out of the tranport I can tell you if it makes a sonic difference.
I didn't like the affect on my system, less air, not as dynamic. Plus like some of the above posters it is really easy to get stuck in the player.