Audio Physic Virgo or Sonus Faber Cremona

I would appreciate some thoughts/recommendations from forum users. I have decided to settle on either the AP Virgo II or SF Cremona floorstanders. While I have heard the original Virgo and loved them, I have not personally heard the Cremonas but have owned SF speakers and like their sonic signature. I am edging towards the Cremonas (bonus of killer looks). But I remembered the impact the Virgos had on me years ago - I actually thought they were the best speakers I have heard then. The imaging were spectacular. Wondering if there's anyone who has owned both. I love disappearing act more than anything else and if the AP is superior in this regards to the SF, I am inclined to go that route. Using mostly tube equipment to drive them. Thanks for sharing!
I thought that the SF line did not excel at harder music such as rock or electronic - their strength was with vocals, smaller groups, more 'polite' music. The APs seem more neutral, therefore more versatile in terms of musical styles...
Go with the Virgo's. I have been seeking to up-grade my speakers for years. I have spent the past 3 years tuning my room and I know what you mean by disappearing. The SF Cremonas need SS because thats what they were voiced with(read the interview in Stereophile). I use SS and I still passed on the Cremonas. They get all the press and I just don't get it. So many speakers. Thank goodness I love this hobby and I treat it as that, a hobby. No hurry because the fun is in the search. Peace and Good Listening, Pat.
I auditioned the Virgos through SS at a stereo store, and I thought they sounded truly horrible-- congested, raspy, immediately fatiguing. I could not get out of the room fast enough!
I auditioned and eventually purchased the SF Cremonas. I auditioned them through tube amplification, and that is what I use myself.I have heard that the Sonus Fabers perform their best with tubes. I have never heard or read that they were somehow "voiced" with SS (and I am a Stereophile subscriber)
The Cremonas have such a chrystalline clarity about them. The midrange (which after all is primarily what one listens to) is magical and extremely involving. To my ears, and apparently a multitude of others, they sound MUCH better than ANYTHING else out there- and I auditioned speakers costing well over $20,000. I listen to my system for many happy hours at a stretch, and have never found them to be fatiguing. Indeed, they draw you into the music, and I keep hearing new things on my cds that I never knew were there.
Listen and compare for youself, and I'm confident you will go with the Cremonas!!
Hey Bigpowerballs read Sam T's interview with Sonas Fabers creator the Dentist turned speaker builder.
So how many manufacture founders actually studied electrical engineering, acoustic, physic, or mechanical engineering in school?

Fortunately, there are many talents and tools out there that can help one's dream come true. Franco utilized his artistic skill combining with best Danish drivers and modern tools to create world class speakers.

Bobby from Merlin is a good example. He takes the Dynaudio Esotar driver to the extreme, better than what Dynaudio can do themselves! Creating speaker is an art, not just pure science if you have ever attempted to make one.

Former owner of Wilson Watt/Puppy, Genesis, Dynaudio Confidence, ProAc, etc. Now a happier owner of Sonus Faber.
"I love disappearing act more than anything else and if the AP is superior in this regards to the SF"

AP is better in this regard. The cabinet puts less signature on the sound.
Further, IMHO, I don't think the Cremonas need any more of the softening that tubes typically do.
Hark , I own the Virgo II's and love em. I bought an AP Rhea sub which integrates beautifully. This is all the sound anyone could want. After two years they still give me chills with their accuracy and prescence. The Rhea has taught me what true bass sounds like. One more word of advice, DO NOT let the appearance of a speaker affect your decision. Its tempting, cause you want to have the cool looking system to impress whoever. They dont care , and soon neither will you.
My fellow audiophiles,

Thanks for your inputs and thoughts. Obviously there are strong supporters from both camps. I own a pair of smaller Sonus and I like them. I heard the Virgo I locally and actually met the designer years ago when they were at Immedia (Berkley) as they started distribution. I remembered thinking to myself, God that is the best loudspeaker I have ever heard (wasn't quite that much of an audiophile yet but know good sound when I hear it).

Now after going through so many different makes and models, I am getting weary and want to settle on a resident pair. I guess I will have to audition them for myself and decide (going to be tough as the rooms and associated components are going to be different will play a part to the synergy). As for the Cremona, it's a case of all these (great attributes) and good looks too. Once again my thanks and appreciation gentlemen.