Audio Note Phono stages

Does anyone have experience with the Audio Note phono stages , either the L2 Line/phono preamp or the L3 standalone phono stage .
I am looking at the fully assembled kits from Digitalpete .
Any experience with his work would also be appreciated .

Thank you
Bump. I'd love to know too!
I know this thread is rather old but since I just I have had my ANK L3 (built by Digital Pete) for about 6 months I felt I was now in a position to provide an educated opinion. The L3 is a great phono pre with a very nice expansive sound stage. I have a Rega RP3 TT with an Exacta II cart. The combination with the L3 provides by the far the best sound I have ever had with my vinyl collection. I really enjoy the AN sound.

Ranjan ;

Thank you .

Can you elaborate with your experience ?

What can you compare it to ?

A couple points.  First, Audio Note Kits are not the same as Audio Note (UK).  Despite some obvious similarities in both circuit design and parts quality, the final voicing of ANK kits is unique to ANK.  Second, ANK recently revised the L3 phono kit so it is now a Version 2.  The tubes are now completely different from the original L3.  Version 2 uses a 12AX7 and 6DJ8 whereas the original used 3 x 6072a (same as Audio Note UK).  (The power supply tubes are the same).  Supposedly the new version is less critical about tube quality for low noise levels.  How it compares sonically is anyone's guess but it will certainly be different.  

I find it curious that Audio Note UK used to use the 12AX7/6DJ8 topology for its entry level phono stages, but used the 6072a circuit for its more expensive models.  So is the ANK Version 2 a step forward or a step backward?