Audio Note OTO vs Kit1

Gents, anybody here had experience with both? Trying to get a sense of what the Kit1, especially the new edition, could be like compared to my much liked OTO (upgraded with copper caps, wires, new production Mullard tubes). Thanks!

Is your OTO an SE or PP model? Those differences aside, you are trying to compare apples and oranges. The OTO is an EL84 amp and the Kit 1 uses 300B driver tubes. These are very different beasts, each with a with very sound.

Perhaps you are referring to the L1 kit amp?
Thanks, and sorry for delay in responding. The OTO is SE. I am referring to the 300B kit, and I see your point. But in terms of the relative level of the machine can one say that say OTO is a level higher than the kit, or the difference really is a different sound signature, but approximately the same level, so to speak?

I am still not sure how to answer your original question.

My own opinion, based on having owned both the OTO SE Phono and having built a couple of Audio Note Kits, is that the build and parts quality of the factory product is probably higher than the kit. But it's apples and oranges - they are are designed for different markets. Both are very good and represent good value IMHO.

Having said that, it's difficult if not impossible to compare the 300B Kit 1 to the EL84-based OTO SE. The tubes just sound very different, period. Have you heard either one of these units? Have you heard 300B amps and EL-84 amps? If not, I don't know how to describe the differences to you. How would you describe the difference between yellow and purple?