Audio Net amplifiers from Germany

Was curious to know if anyone has had exposure to these amps and who might the importer be.Specificly,the 210 W/CH monos at $9500.Have had a good friend and audio colleague mention them as a possible reference quality amplifier
Thanks in advance,for any and all information.Tom
Those are very fast and precise sounding amps. Some say that they are a bit to dry and analytical. Very good - yes, but reference - no.
Elberoth2,thanks for the feedback.Would you be willing to disclose the system that was used ,during this audition.I would be appreciative.Thanks,Tom.
Tom, Evan Trent of Symphony Sound in Chicago carries the line. The importer is in the Boston area. I cannot think of the name but I found it on Google when researching Audio Net a couple of months ago. I read that you added the Vivas to your system but you were unsure of them. What do you think of the Dartzeel for SS. There were some recent, very favorable comments on it here. Jonathon Tinn at Blue Light Audio imports it.
Brooks,I am enjoying the Viva Verona XLs.They are very dynamic and throw a huge soundstage.They have good extension {top/bottom} and that magical SET midrange.I am always curious about exceptional solid-state designs,due to the fact that I could leave it running, with little warm-up time.The Vivas take about 15 minutes to open up.The heat problems of the older Vivas {IE: non ventilated chassis, has been cured}.As I understand, that the stored heat in the chassis would take component parts out of their operating parameters and occasionally blow-up.I was looking for a simple tube complement {only one driver/output tube} and the replacements are not expensive.I understand that the Krell phonos were subject to this same problem.They sounded good until the class-A circuit got hot-then the sound deteriorated {chassis needed ventilating }.
Do you know whether the Audio Net amps are available for home demonstration? Not that I am dissatisfied with the Vivas,but am curious.Thanks for your post.
I heard them with AudioNet CDP and Zoller Temptation speakers (also German made).
There is nothing worse than being given bad advice....

First read up on Audionet via their website -> based in Germany and select the English version if you are not fluent in German.

I purchased the Pre G2 pre amp and you have to go up to the Boulder 2010 to surpass it. It is better than the ML 32 and two notches better than even the classic Spectral DMC - 20 mrk 2 - their best pre amp to date. This two box design surpasses the current one box DMC 30 series not withstanding the mumetal shielding and next generation volume control.

Anyway, Audionet is very well respected in Europe and the design team has spent quite a bit of tiem to start with a clean slate to improve upon the current best out there.

Do your homework first, so that you will not be mislead by anyone...

Contact the manufacturer and get to know these guys, they only build and use Class A circuit designs. I have zero affiliation with the company and I have better things to do than become a troll....