audio magazines as .pdf files - hifi+ specifically

Have any audiogoners converted to .pdf files your back issues of audio magazines?

I wish publishers of audio mags should offer .pdfs delivery for subscriptions and a trade-in/replace with .pdf service for back issues so we can all make more space on the shelves for vinyl.

The dvd set the new yorker put out is a great model.

Also, does anyone have any experience with the hifi+ digital download system ( I think that is the only rag worth the paper it is printed on, but I still love the idea of eliminating the paper. I am hesitant to be buying files that are dependent on software that will likely be obsolete and unsupported soon. Any thoughts on them?
UHF Magazine have online subscriptions available as pdf files. They have some of their back issues converted to pdf format as well.
I tried the HiFi+ news-stand download... It worked very well; kind of like a version of Adobe Acrobat. The pics looked superb.. In the end I couldn't get used to it though... I couldn't take it into the bathroom.

This one is the best, I think:
is this the website you refer to?

I can't get to load