Audio Horizon Cables? As good as the AH Preamp?

I read with interest the thread on AH Preamp and the upgrade service provided by Arthur Chow. Was wondering how good are his cables compared to his preamp? Any first hand experience ? Your feedback is much appreciated. Happy listening. TQ


Love the $195 cable by Audio Horizons. Its surprisingly well made think of $1,000 cable construction and sound to match.
Audio Horizons offers a trial on their cords and cables with money-back return if you try them and not like them. Try one in your system and let your own ears be the judge. Their cord might sound great in my system and not so hot in your own.
Sherod, I would love it have it for trial period. Unfortunately I doubt I will qualify for it due to my foreigner status. Anyway, what cables did u replace? Can u describe the positive changes you experienced? Happy listening. TQ
Sorry, I didn't think about you living outside of the States. I actually have a various blend of different manufacturer's cords in my system. Audio Horizons cords are part of that mix. I suggest that you either list all of the components in your system and where you'd like to try either an interconnect or power cord. Then, certain Audiogon members can make some suggestions. Or, contact Victor at Audio Horizons and ask him for a specific recommendation. Also, do a search through the threads. There are many comments of Audio Horizons recommendations in many threads.
By the way, the designer's name is Joseph Chow. And since you've never heard his preamps, how would a comparison of his cords to his preamp be of any value to you in deciding to try his cables?
Sherod, even though the test is in listening to the cables, being in Malaysia I do not have the luxury to try before purchasing any of the cables. Read thru the thread abt AH preamp, someone did mentioned that the cables are as good as the shunyata pc which certainly caught my interest. Was wondering just how good the cable esp AH Dimenstion IC, is compare to say, MIT Oracle V 1.1 ( which I will be using for my phonostage to preamp) and Transparent Reference cable. Below are my set up :
CJ Act 2.2
CJ 350
Benchmark DAC1
CEC TL 51x
Transparent Reference speaker cable
PIMM for both CJ Act 2.2 and CJ 350
Transparent Reference Powerlink for both DAC and transport
Transparent Reference interconnect btw CJ pre/power
My main source will be vinyl . Currently waiting for TW acustic raven AC turntable ( 6mths wait and still not ready). Currently making do with the digital setup which I will probably upgrade in the future.

Your input is much appreciated. TQ
I'm afraid that I wouldn't be much help in any cable recommendations for you. Your system is completely different from mine, so since cables are very system dependent, perhaps another member with a similar system to yours can offer more advice. Perhaps you can discuss this situation with the folks at Audio Horizons. Maybe they have a special trial arrangement for foreign customers to allow for the extra time of shipping.