Audio Gear Opinions

I am setting up a home theatre system using the following gear
Set Dunlavy SCV's for front
Set SC4's for rear
One Dunlavy HRCC1 Center
Mitsubishi projector
Stewart 110 inch screen
Goertz Flat wire cable
I have all the above in hand and need input for the right audio gear. I was looking at the Arcam AVR 600 but I wonder if it has enough power to drive everything. I was using an Arcam 300 along with a Classe CA400 for the front speakers and I was amazed how good it sounded with the right input DVD audio like DTS. I am looking at a Classe 5 channel amp and processor but still not decided. I have another 2 channel room but this home theatre is new to me
The Arcam AVR600 is an awesome piece. I am however a dealer. I used one in my home for quite some time. I loved it. I finally sold it because a friend bugged me until I finally sold it to him. I now have an AVR-9, paired with a P7. The P7 might have a little, and I mean little, better hold on my speakers. If you want a receiver, the 600 is the best I've heard. I don't have any available, so I'm not looking for a sale. Just my honest 2 cents.

your dunlavys (great speakers, btw) are very efficient (i believe 92db)and shouldn't need a ton of power--the arcam should drive 'em just fine. congrats on what appears to be an awesome ht setup.
Before you spend another dime, read Toole's 'Sound REproduction'. Set up will be everything.