Audio Dropping Out on Rega Apollo and Saturn

I borrowed a Rega Apollo and Saturn for home audition from my local dealer.

On both CD players, I experienced audio drop outs from some of my CDs as they were playing. I noticed that these CDs did have some minor scratches, but nothing major. When I would play these same CDs on my Jolida JD100 CD player, I never experienced these problems.

Are there any Rega Apollo or Saturn owners that have experienced this problem with some of their CDs? It seems like to me that Rega does not have a very good error correction system as the laser scans the CD. So if you do happen to have some CDs with scratches, it could hinder an otherwise pleasant listening experience.

If there is no clear explanation or work-around for this, then I have no choice but to remove these players from my consideration.
Unfortunately no.. I always wondered how they compared.. considering the 840c is almost $1,000 less!
Wow, I did not realize my initial thread would strike such a chord with the Audiogon community. But welcomed all the responses/feedback that was received.

Just an update..........

I decided not to purchase a Rega CD player after all, based on my user experiences with the Apollo and Saturn dealer demos. I chose an Ayre CX7e instead for a couple of months. But was not really a synergistic match with my system, a little too analytical sounding for my taste. I finally settled on a mint Sonic Frontiers SFCD-1 tube CD player and am very happy now.
Wow, I am glad I saw this thread. I had listened to the Rega's carefully many years ago when they were getting wonderful reviews and comments and was not impressed with the sound. I had listened to the subsequent models and felt that there was noticeable improvment in performance. Finally, having seen a lot of people speak even more highly of the new models, I though perhaps I would give them another chance and consideration since I am in the market again for another CDP. I had heard reliability issues long ago in the past and figured they had been corrected - there are many ademant owners (reference Mrstark above, and having read many of his other ? comments in threads). Based on the high volume of these units used and the frequency of relatively new units available used, I think I will take a pass on the Rega again. I have owned many excellent CDP, many much better than the Rega line, I have only once had a problem with a CDP (many, many years ago with an old EAD transport).
Well I want to say my Rega Jupiter 2000 has worked perfect for many years and I prefer the sound of it to any cd machine I have ever owned. It was only the Apollo and Saturn I had trouble with, all other Rega gear I have used is fine (turntables, amps, cartridges). In general cd players are not as reliable than other components but clean discs and lens mechanism should ensure performance for several years. Some time has passed since this thread was started by Wackass. Basically I have forgiven the experience I had and remain a Rega user, in fact I now use an all Rega system comprising Elicit amp, Jupiter 2000 cdp, P5/exact table, and RS3 speakers. Widely overlooked here in the US, Rega speakers have long received great accolades over in the UK with which I concur.