Audio discounts during Coronavirus

Wondering if there are any great sales going on as a result of the coronavirus. If so can anyone elaborate as to who is offering any discounts? 

Being happy with all the components in my system for the last couple years I had not been buying much other than a new Nord Acoustics Streamer/DAC combo recently.
I ordinary use Voodoo Cable or Shunyata Research products for cables and cords but couldn't resist the urge to try out WyWires products. They are giving me a good price on some old cables I had around here, are 40% off theirs, and have a 30 day return period right now. I ordered a few new power cords and they are building me a custom power cord for my Nord. Everything should be here next week. Hoping for the best. 
@Larry5729 you are right and I too love streaming and all the new artists that I'm decovering, and I have found alot!!
But I also like listening to my CD collection as I have some obscure artists that I haven't found online yet.
I have two systems, one two channel, and a 5.1 setup. What the Oppo BD 105 allows me to do is run balanced out to my Tube preamp/amp
that drive my Maggie's in my two channel rig.
I bypass the Oppo internal DAC via BNC to my external Exogal Comet plus DAC  Because the Oppo has DSP surround, I can run RCA and integrate my SVS ultra 13 sub with my Maggie' it
So with my Emotiva XMC-1 I can easily switch between my Oppo BD 105, Xbox one X ( plays 4k blu ray) and I like to go racing (Fonza 6) when bored and depressed by the news, and to watch that I and use Amazon firestick. No more exspensive cable TV, just YouTube TV What I save should pay for the OPPO replacement hopefully. So I would gladly pay full price to a local vendor if he can find me a suitable replacement for my beloved OPPO
Some of the dealers I know have been having some good 'demo' sales. You can get a really good discount with those if you don't mind slightly used.
Revenue is a big challenge for everyone right now.

I have used Audiogon, eBay and my viewed my local dealers for specials on websites and have been able to pick-up a demo preamp (McIntosh C2600) and amp (McIntosh MC302) that have full company warranty and are being replaced.  

I believe the prices I've paid are a win-win and both were purchased form a local dealer.