Audio Desk CD Edge Trimmer

Does anyone have experience with this product?
This was reviewed briefly along with other cd-enhancing products in audio musings magazine, issue 14, 2001 (web address: By a small margin, it was preferred to some of the other products, including auric illuminator and various edge marking pens (the audio desk includes a black pen, so the effect could be due to the pen marking or the bevelling of the edge - thiey did both on the same CD as instructed). However the differences were so slight to the listeners that it was pretty much a toss up. I doubt "ABXers" would find the test very compelling in design although of course the result, that there were few if any differences, would please them! Cheers
I have one of these devices and find it to make the most difference on poorly recorded discs. Discs that are "muddy" or "murky" sounding are cleared up quite a bit. Vocals are also more discernable, small details seem to rise to the surface, some of the edge and glare are removed, etc... Whether this is good or bad is a matter of personal taste. Some people might feel that the artist was shooting for a "darker" or "slightly blurred" effect, but i sincerely doubt it. Most performers want their work to be as clear and precise as possible, even those into generating "noise" ala "industrial bands".

I do NOT marker the edges on any discs, as this has been shown to slow down the read times and increase the error rate. Testing was done courtesy of Rodney Gold, Digital Forum administrator of Audio Asylum using a computer and his completely digital Meridian system. Besides that, i never noticed any differences by markering whereas i do with "cutting".

I know that Bob Crump and a few other manufacturers use "cut" discs when demo-ing their products and for personal listening. Sean
Hi: I have one for last 5 years or so. I found it the most effective CD tweak I know. I also use "CD Upgrade", Auric Illumonator and Bedini II demagnetizer - all contribute as well. All these tweaks have even greater effects on SACD.
You can buy duplicate CDs, send one to Cable Co and have them bevel the edge and return it to you, they will do this for free if you inquire about buying Audio Desk trimmer from them. You can then decide if you hear an improvement.

Keep in mind that any CD you edge trim will now have 0 value on used CD market. I buy and sell a fair amount of used CDs so I will not be using this tweak, also I never use a tweak that cannot be removed.
Megasam: Recently I sold, and I am going to sell more of my collections of CD's and occasionally SACD's. I always put description of CD treatment(s) including Desk Syetem in the ad. Not a single person, complained (not to say returned) to me on the treatment. As far as I am concern, I sell "upgraded" CD's and don't charge extra.
Simon, I may have exaggerated the issue of resale value of CDs that have been trimmed, and some people as you say may agree with you and find them desireable. But IMO it is correct to say that they are harder to sell, as the general public wants CDs in like new "original" condition.

Just something to keep in mind if you plan to sell or trade any of your CDs in the future.
I have had the Desk Systeme for a few years now and I only cut the CDs that are keepers...Poor performances of sound go in another pile to be sold off or given away.......The CDs actually sound worse until the static (I am assuming this is the problem) charge from cutting the CDs wears off in a couple hours of play time......Nice improvements and about the same quantitive improvement as Optrix and additive as well so I cut the CDs, Optrix them, Esoteric Mist them and then squirt some ECO 3 on label side prior to play.....Sean hit on the high points.....