Audio Art IC-3 vs. Speltz Anti-IC

I read about similar comparisons on a couple of old threads but there wasn't too much comparison on these specifically. I'm sort of trying to debate between these two right now. The prices of the two are somewhat similar so I was wondering what you guys would suggest based on performance? (Anti-ICs would be with Eichmann Bullet plugs)

My setup: NHT 2.5i, Peachtree Decco, McCormack DNA 0.5, BJC speaker wire

Thanks a lot guys, any input is appreciated.
Morrow Audio outperforms both of those brands and with a 60 day warranty. No brainer.
Interesting, Morrow's only cable in my price range is the MA-1. Would this clearly outperform both the Anti-IC and the AA IC? I was leaning towards the Anti-ICs lately but I would certainly like some more input. Thanks.
I have the Anti-cable IC, and the Morrow MA-1.
I definitely like the MA-1 better.
I see, Morrow has a deal on the MA-1s right now also, so I think I may just go with those for now. I have BJC speaker wire and just need ICs, so I had planned on sticking with the BJC speaker wire and just spending a little more on the ICs. Any thoughts on this? Thanks.
Probably not a bad way to go to see if you hear a difference. Best to try one thing at a time.