Audio Alchemy Remote Question

I've managed to pick up an Audio Alchemy DAC (DDE3) pretty cheap here in the UK,however it doesn't have a remote.
Does anyone know the code AA remote's work from?
A while ago a dealer told me it was a Panasonic code.
I have a programmable remote but it's a cheapy and I need to know the code...
Thanks in advance,
Before you can simulate the code or use the original remote wand, you must have a remote chip installed in the DDEv3.0 and a small jumper.
You can open the case and see if it has a remote chip installed or a jumper board near the front of the unit.
You can also tell if the unit has a remote chip or not by changing inputs or volume and power down/up. If it remembers the previous setting then you have the chip.

Thanks that's possibly why there is no remote with the unit-no remote chip installed.
Be after New Year before I get it so can't check till then.
Still be interested if anybody knows what generic code AA remotes used.

I have the remote wands in stock but not the PROM chips. Dusty at Monolithic Sound has those. -Harry
You might get lucky and find source files for the controls on one of the enthusiast sites for learning remotes. For example I found these codes

For my AA DLC. You might find the same for the DDE3.0. Or maybe they are the some codes. Of course you'd need a fancy learning remote like the pronto, for this to work. Worth a shot, IMHO.