Audio Aero Prima DAC SE? Good reputation?

I've been looking at buying a Prima DAC SE, and since I'm not going to be able to audition it in person, I've been searching the forums to feel out what the general opinion on the Audio Aero sound (since the Capitole CD players and the Prima DAC use the same DACs.)

The thing that worries be is that a lot of former Audio Aero owners have moved on to other DACs or CDPs. I know that turnover and the search for better things is common in audiophile world, but I was wondering...

Are there people reading this board with strong feelings about Audio Aero's SE line? I like the added convenience of having a preamplifier with a DAC in the Prima, but if the consensus is that Audio Aero's sound isn't great, then I'd like to hear it...

I was just wondering where your getting your information on the sound of AA???? As with any gear there is system preferences/matching to your tastes and I believe the Aero gear stands on its own. I have a friend with that dac and has been through a lot of gear and loves the dac. I have owned the Capitole Mark ll and now the Prestige and cannot fault the sonics but admit this is personal taste and system matching. Perhaps it would be in order to give Jody a call at Globe Audio Marketing (the Aero distributor) and arrange for an audition on your own. He is known to provide excellent customer service and I personally feel this is the case.
I have the Aero Audio Prima SE DAC and certainly have had no problems. The sound is better than any unit that I've owned, including fancy Sony and Marantz players. I find the built-in preamp very capable after owning many preamps and would be extremely hard put to move back to any separate unit, especially considering the price to value ratio. The Aero gears responds well to dampening plates and footers, which enhance the sonics. As with everything in this hobby, it's a matter of personal taste, but I'm certainly pleased with my unit!