Extreme low budget amp w phono & "reputation"?

Doing some research for someone who's going through some hard times and is currently on a fixed income. Are there any new 2 channel phono input equipped integrated amps or recievers to be found which sport somewhat of a "giant killer" reputation and which can be had for less than $300 and preferrably less than $200? Same question as per used equipment...

This unit would be playing a Dual turntable/Shure V15 IV, a mid-fi CD player, and 2 tape decks thru an early '90s pair of Klipsch Forte's. Thanks in advance...
Check the harmanaudio.com website for the online store. I have bought several of their home theater receivers. Factory warranty included.
This one might suit your friend's needs.

Harman Kardon
HK 3480-Z
2 x 120 2 channel Stereo Receiver Original Accessories Remote Control and Warranty Included.
Factory Remanufactured
A used Marantz or Pioneer receiver from the mid to late 70s. Classic stuff.
agree with samujohn
Advent 300 receiver ($200+ on Ebay)
Nad 3020B integrated amp, a classic
Know you said new. But used you can find an original Rega
Brio integrated with phono for about $250-300. Great amp.
HK 3480 will be it new. Looks great and matches your speakers.All of the used recommendations are good. Phil Brady
There is a Tandberg 3012 integrated on Audiogon for $395, perhaps the seller would deal a bit. This is an *outstanding* integrated with a very good phono section:

Also, Yamaha A960 - *very* nice vintage integrated. Here on Audiogon for $155:

Good luck!

For your budget a used Rotel integrated. I do have a Rotel pre (RC-1070) and amp (RB-1070)I am considering to sell but it is out of your budget.