Audio Aero Capitole SE upgrade problem: Need Help

I just got back my AA Capitole after an SE upgrade (long) trip at Audio Aero factory in France. Alas, I am unable to play it for the following reasons:
My puck (which was not sent to the factory along with my player) no longer fits the transport shaft of my Capitole which holds and spins the cds. A careful examination of that shaft shows that it has been changed by AA factory and is no longer the old slightly pointed end shaft. The new one is taller and has a flat top end and has a larger diameter. My original puck does not fit that shaft, and AA did not send me the new puck that fits the new shaft.
Anybody had any such problems or experience with the new shaft? Could it be that the new series of AA players (Capitole Reference or Prestige) players' shaft has been mistakenly inserted in my player, which is an original Capitole Mark 11 with P5 Chip? I am going to report the matter to AA France.
I would appreciate your comments and advice.
many thanks

I have the Capitole 24/192 with no mods.

I think if they are informed of the problem they will ship you a new puck ,offer to ship them the old one.

If I may inquire, as the owner of a stock Capitole 24/192, what was the cost?

The distributor of Audio Aero who was going to do the mod for me is no longer in business, which is a shame,he was close by and a very nice fellow.
They changed the puck design some years back. You need to ask them for a new puck that fits the new CD turntable.
My player was the Capitole MK 2, originally with P4 chip. It cost me in all about 800 Euro (US$1100). I've already sent them a mail.

What is surprising is why dis they change my transport shaft?
The CD turntable is a separate part - it may be changed if it breaks. It is also possible, that they had to change the complete drive mechanism - chence the new puck.
An update to my missing puck problem
I just spoke with Mr Jerome Andre, the GM of Audio Aero. He has promised to send me a new puck shortly. I understood that they had changed my transport mechanism with a better, more stable one at zero cost. I appreciate.Jerome Andre seems a nice guy to deal with.