Audio aero Capitole MkII

Audio aero Capitole MKII: What is the best amplifier to plug it directly into? Mark levinson, Gamut, Audio Research, Naim ... ??? Thanks
The Capitole works great with all of the amplifiers mentioned.

I would worry more about the amplifier / speaker combination.
What speakers are you running?
I have been using the McIntosh 2102 amp with great success.
I recently aquired the Audio Aero Capitole Amp and I am using the balanced interconnects.

I have been bi-amping from the CD player into my music room and also into my office and I bought the AA with it's 50 watts output to improve the music in my office while I want to stick with the McIntosh's higher output for my music room.

I have carpenters working in my office at the moment, so just for the fun of it, I bi-amped the McIntosh and the AA amp to my pair of Kef Referance 205 speakers. Right now the McIntosh is on bass and the AA is powering mid and high.

I know the gain and all are not balanced, but it sure does sound fantastic.

To answer your question, I suspect any of the amps you mentioned would be a great compliment to the AA. Do keep in mind that the AA Mark II CD player will both higher and lower ranges of music to your amp than it might be able to re-produce. The AA amp has a rated better range than the McIntosh and I can hear it....but only when I listen for it.

One of the really nice things about the Mark II CD player is that the circuit board is upgradable so that you can get 'the latest' without having to replace it.
I've had mine connected to both Classe' solid state and Manley tubes and BOTH worked equally as well. JTinn makes an excellent comment about what should be your primary concern.

Good luck.
First of all thanks to all of you who have taken the time to give me some very detailed and precious advice.
For the moment I am running Sonus Faber Guarneris but soon I will be running Sonus Faber Amatis.
Any further advice?
My Cap MK 11 runs directly into a Levinson 334; great combo!
I plugged it directly into Manley 250's and there is great musicality. That said I prefer it more times using the Manley preamp. Better dynamics and slam
I get great results plugging my Capitole Mk2 dircetly into a David Berning ZH-270 amp. But I prefer the warmth and textured improvements by feeding the Capitole through a Joule LA-150 linestage to the Berning. Great CP player either way!