Audio Aero Capitole mated with Krell KRC-3 Pre-Amp


Does anyone know how well the Audio Aero Capitole MKII would sound
mated with a Krell KRC-3 Pre-amp.

Current Equipment includes:
1. Krell KSA-250 Power Amplifier
2. Krell KRC-3 Pre-Amp
3. Osborn Epitome Grand Reference Speakers

I've heard that unless you have the "right" pre-amp, one might be
better off connecting the Capitole directly to the Power Amp.
Furthermore, I've also heard that Consonance R1.1 Pre-Amp is one of
the few pre-amps, which actually improves the sound. Is anyone able to
confirm this.

Keep in mind that I would like to keep the Krell Pre-amp, if they
complement each other in a positive way.

I have compared the Capitole II run direct vs. through a pre amp and have always prefered direct. Pre amps I have tried include, CJ ART seriesII, BAT- VK50se, Aesthetix IO signature w/dual power supply and volume control, and more that are slipping my mind at this time. I find that resolution and transparency are effected the most. This may sound foolish but a lot of what's special about the capitole II is lost when run through a preamp, i.e. the ability to listen for hours upon hours with no desire to stop. Don't have a clue why but I don't mess with what works!
The only way to truely compare is to listen to it. If you really like the sound that is coming from your pre-amp then you might prefer that sound. I have a Capitole as well as a friend of mine. He utilizes it through a Hovland which makes the sound very lush. He prefers that route as he says the Capitole is dry. It is just a matter of ones taste.
Thanks alot

Not only does it work perfectly well with the KRC3 but you will also find out that the capitole's remote control takes care of your KRC3 volume controle and muting when you press "preamp" (not "cd preamp") first.
have fun.