Attractive Bookshelf - Under $3k

I'm looking to upgrade my Dali Ikon IIs for a living room, where the aesthetics are a big part of the decision.  I'm heavily leaning towards the SF Sonetto IIs, but I've never heard them, and that is purely based on the appearance and a few reviews.  I plan to drive these with a Belles Aria integrated.  I know it's a long list, but I'm just hoping for some thoughts, or perhaps a good reason (or not) to go with the Sonettos.  While I'd love to listen to them all, It's unlikely that I'll find them on display.  I've already heard the Vandersteen CT which was when I auditioned my amp and think they're awesome.  I'm just not sure they're "pretty" enough for the room.


Triangle    40th Aniversary Comète
Sonus Faber    Sonetto II
Dynaudio     Special 440
Dynaudio     Evoke 20
Focal    Kanta no 1
Focal     Aria 906
Vandersteen    VLR Wood
Vandersteen    VLR CT
Dali    Rubicon 2
Harbeth    P3ESR XD
ProAc    Tablette 10
ProAc    Tablette 10 Signature
Fyne    F500 SP


Tyler Acoustics makes very nice cabinets and uses all top shelf crossovers. Fritz also is a high quality builder. 

To answer reubent, these will go on stands, which I'll want to match properly with the speakers. They will need to be fairly close the the wall. I think I'll have about 6-12" max.

+1 for the Vandy VLR and CT version.

I own the non-CT version for my office and boy can it rock!

I listened to it at Audioconnection, where it was paired with the Belles Aria Integrated. With the Sub 3 it was amazing, but when Johnny switched out the speaker cables for the AQ William Tell's, he couldn't connect the sub, but the resulting sound had just as much bass as before. (Hence, my changing my cables to William Tell's).


Love Fritz but disagree that he does finishes upon request.  Over 2 years ago I asked him for anything that wasnt "plain" looking (solid color). He had nothing and hasnt had anything that was Flamed, Burl, or any other design until about a month ago.  For whatever reason (Covid??) he doesnt seem to have access to different looking veneers like many of the other custom boutique speaker manufacturers.  He's a wonderful guy to deal with thou