Attention Spica Owners

Madisound tells me that Audax no longer makes the replacement tweeter for the TC-50, but at least for now new voice coils are available.

On another note, I recently replaced my amp with the Quad 909, and if it ever seemed that there was a match made in heaven with the Spicas....
I bought and replaced my spica tc-50 tweeters with the Audax drivers from Madisound 2 years ago and they sound great, although a little tipped up at first they needed a week or so break-in. I am using my TC-50's currently in my second system with Rega Mira and Cardas Golden Hexlink speaker cables, best combo yet. I've had 2 sets of TC-50's, going back to 1987 or so. If I ever blow these tweeters I suppose I'll finally retire the spicas. Also I recently acquired a Rega Vulcan Sub which I think integrates pretty well with the spicas and provides that bottem end foundation without having to mess with electronic crossovers, splitting the signal, outboard amps, extra cables etc
It's funny- the person I bought the 909 from also suggested the Rega Vulcan Sub. However, I acutally use a Velodyne servo sub and just use the pre-out line level to the sub and likewise run the speakers full range (there's a balanced quadlink cable connecting the amp and preamp).

In any case, the voice coils are only $6 each so you may want to order a spare while they still exist.

I have a pair of Spica Angelus speakers, purchased in 1991 that I LOVE dearly. Trouble is that I've had to replace the tweeter in 1 of the speakers a number of times (at least 4) and the most recent replacement has failed, too. Given that it's the same tweeter that's failed, I have to suspect that something else in the system is really the problem. Do you have any suggestions for how I might troubleshoot the problem without having to tote the entire system to an audio shop to have them do it or continue to replace tweeters as I test different components? Given the ongoing problem, I've begun to consider replacing the speakers...but I'd hate to do that and then discover that the problem was really elsewhere. Thanks for any ideas you might have.