Attention Acoustic Signature owners:

Owners of Acoustic Signature turntables: I'm considering buying one of these turntables, but since they're only available via mail order, I was curious how current owners like their tables. Any feedback is appreciated.
there's a glowing review at of the big table with remarks in reference to the Final Tool.I haven't any experience with these decks but found the statements regarding that these decks possess good PRaT characteristics quite intriging as most high mass designs that I have encountered do not.
I've owned the Final Tool for about two months and absolutely love it. I use it with a Rega 600 arm and started with a Benz Micro Glider cartridge. Just this weekend, I installed a ZYX cartridge. I'm still evaluating the new cartridge but it sounds very, very promising. The Final Tool is easy to set up and of incredible build quality. My equipment is: (phono stage - Plinius M14), (amp - Musical Fidelity M3), (Speakers - Dynaudio Confidence 5).