Atma-Sphere, Ralph Karsten

So I had tube gear many moons ago for a very short period of time. Now I have Atma-sphere UV-1,  serial 002. And the most upgraded one of its kind, lol... Also have a set of M60’s 3.3 and recently purchased some older MA-1 Silvers. Being mostly new to tubes and completely new to Atma-Sphere, (OTL)  I’ve had a ton of questions. And let me say this.... The crew at Atma-sphere has spent a lot of  time with me through explanations,  and a few issues that  came up. Non of which,  was an Atma-sphere issue. It was other components.  Ralph and his crew really knows Audio. And what’s more they have a passion for their work which is very, very  hard to find, I live close, I go there. When I brought in my PreAmp,  Adam was so proud,  and happy to see it was in such good shape. The pride beemed from him. At that point I knew this company was a special one.  Everyone at Atma-Sphere doesn’t look at it as a job.  They are extremely passionate about what they do. And they take so much pride in their work. It’s really incredible.  They,  and Ralph,  have spent time not only to answer my questions. But to make sure I really have an understanding of the question I ask. They really make sure their consumers know, and understand their products. The service I have received from them, is really unheard of, in this day and age. Few manufacturers care about after the sale. But this is where Ralph understands the relationship actually begins. No one understands that business model these days.  I never get the impression I am bugging them. In fact usually get more in-depth answer than I ever anticipated. In this day and age,  In this day and age it’s incredible to find a manufacturer that cares about the consumer. Let alone as much as these guys do. There is not enough words, or gratitude,  I have for them to write here. 
    People don’t share gratitude much anymore.  But these  guys truly deserve it. If anyone ever wants an awesome sounding Amps,  or Preamps,  hand built by passionate people. And what has to be the best or close to the best customer service in the industry.... Ralph and his crew go more then the extra mile.... I’ll never buy any other product, ever...... They are simply incredible. And some of the nicest people I have ever met. 

    Full Disclosure.... I am just an extremely happy consumer.... Average Joe blow off the street. 
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gdnrbob testing some speakers with the MA-1s when I got them back in 2011, I found that speaker ohm should be more than 8. 12 or 16 is fine, along with a "nice" amp loading and 90+ sensitivity. Yes, the amps will drive 8 or lower ohm speakers also, but you are not getting what you paid for. The OTL factor comes into its own with matched high ohm and sensitivity speakers. I tried Speltz autoformers, very capable, increasing the chance of speaker match, but all in all a minus compared to "easier" speakers driven directly by the amps.
Yes - the AK Dream Makers, 16 ohm, 92 db sensitivity, are a very good match with the MA-1s. From what I've seen (not heard them) the Vandy Treos are a poor match, about looking for some not-so-expensive high ohm speakers, just to test the concept - or borrow some, from a shop, just to try?
@o_holter ,
Yes, I did try some Zu Union speakers, but they were not as good as the Vandy's-IMHO.
I did speak to Ralph when I bought the amps and he thought they are a good match. 
Even Richard Vandersteen said his speakers sounded better being run with Atma amps. (though this was a while ago).
gdnrbob - interesting. It would be nice to be able to compare the Treos and the Dream Makers. I can only speak from my own experience, trying some 8 ohm speakers (mainly, Abrahamsen floorstanders)  with Krell FPB600 and MA-1s. First I tried Dynaudio Consequence (4 ohm) - it did not work well with the MA-1s. The Abrahamsen worked OK but the DMs were much better with the MA-1s. Krell + Abrahamsen was a better match.
Its all about Speaker Matching, Once you can find the right speaker to Match Atma-Sphere gear the rest is history. Nothing much can rival in all aspects of sound. You're off the Merry Go round.

I have the M60 3.3 Fully Loaded With Power Supply boost and Caddoc Resistor package i wander how far behind this is to the Silver addition.
I own the basic MA-1's and an MP-3 and have no issues with sound reproduction. I am thinking of upgrading to the MP-1.(Though, I am trying to find an Ayre KXR, too, to go with my MXR's).
To be honest, I really don't get too caught up with trying to compare various combinations of equipment. I just add things and see if they 'improve' my experience.
After 30+ years, I got tired of chasing my tail looking for perfection.
Though it might be because I know what want/like.