Atma-Sphere MA-1 filter cap upgrade

Category: Amplifiers

WOW!!! Sums up the Atma-Sphere MA-1 power cap upgrade performed by Ralph.

The biggest difference is in the low end response -- bass and drums sound truly realistic (depth, tone, decay, impact). There is more air around instruments and more natural tone overall. Sax is especially sweeeeeettttt (I don't mean overly lush but the tone is just spot on). Piano sounds more like the percussive instrument it is -- really uncanny, the improvement, I thought I had a good piano presentation before, but now its amazing.

Now, I did have the amps brought from mkii to mkiii also with full V-Caps -- so there is alot going on here -- my uneducated guess is; the lower end response improvements were reflective of the Power Cap upgrade.

Yes, the Power Cap upgrade is expensive, but the extension in bass I hear now along with the improved impact is very noticeable -- literally, its like I added a sub element to my Quad 988's.

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