ASR Basis Exclusive Phono stage

After evaluation my current sistem, I decide to improve my analog rig, A Oracle Paris+Jelco/Audioquest SA250ST+Dynavector Katar 17 D2 MKII+ Trichord Diablo phono stage. So I sell the Diablo and order a new ASR Basis Exclusve a very exclusive phono stage all balanced and capable to handle two turntables or 2 arms, a phono with severall good reviews. Did you know this phono?
After that I think in a new tonearm, for a typicall Linn armboard.
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Yes, it's a good phono. What would you like to know?
Well, maybe anyone already listen the Basis Exclusive and could give your opinion, and experiences, to complement my idea aboult this fine phono stage. Any opinion is welcome.
Well, I used it for a while. It's very versatile in that both gain and resistive loading are accessible from inside (so you have to keep the lid unscrewed for a while). The phono operates well and its curve is OK. It's a bit bulky, but you can conveniently hide the PS if space/looks is/are an issue.

The output is well thought out and allows you to drive the next stage --whatever it is-- quite easily without losses.

OTOH, it was a pain to set up input correctly partly because my cartridge manufacturer is somewhat cryptic about the actual characteristics of the cartridge (which he has somewhere anyway -- it's numbered) and because the instructions on the ASR need (or needed) a PhD in extrapolation to understand what the H is going on...:) I.e., how gain correlates with Ohm, how exactly the dip switches operate etc.

I also found that ICs often impinge a small sonic signature of their own -- even though ASR use excellent quality components in their product respect.

If you are satisfied with the sound CHARACTERISTICS, you could live with this product for a very long time. Of course, don't judge by a quick, on the fly, loading; any improperly or suboptimally loaded cartridge/ phono combo will sound awful and it's neither the cartridge nor the hpono equaliser's fault:)!
Thanks Gregm I aprecciate your help and point of view.
I think used it in a balanced configuration, Ok, when I receive them and install, I have to try the possible combinations to see the possibilities, of my cartrige.
Now I install the ASR, and I'm shocked is fantastic, I absolutely love it.Only one week, installation and what a sound, this is truly high end, Is a special piece. A must have. Let me ear more time and I tell you.