Ascendo M speakers

I'd welcome some feedback from anyone who has heard these speakers. Thanks
I've heard them, but only briefly. They sounded very good to me. One person in the industry who has a lot of experience with the Ascendo--and actually owns them--is Clement Perry from Stereotimes. His email address is probably on the Stereotimes site. You could check with him.
While I only heard them briefly, it went something like this: A friend and myself went to the annual show in NYC in May and went into a room with a gentleman playing guitar (his name escapes me at the moment). We stayed and listened for a good spell as we both thought he was very good. We left the room and ventured down the hallway and a few doors down, we heard a women inside the next room singing. We figured we would go in and listen to her for a while too as she had a fantastic voice that sounded great even from outside the room. As we turned the corner to go into the room, we were both surprised to see that there wasn't a person in the room singing, it was the Ascendo's. Both of us were 100% sure there was a live person in that room singing before we went in. The speakers were fantastic.
I was able to hear these speakers at ces and was very impressed with how musical and detailed they sounded.If you want very accurate tone timbre and time domain correctness then these may be the ticket.The imaging was very good front to back as well as side to side with plenty of centre fill.The importer for Ascendo is Avatar acoustics based in Florida, I think the owners name is Darren Censullo. If you have any questions they may be answered by him, I think they have an web site at Anyway if I could afford a pair of M's then I would surely audition them as a speaker of excellent merit.Take care Dennis
Correct , Darren and his wife are the US importers and are fabulous to deal with . Darren s room at CES this past year showed the incredible , time aligned Ascendo with Virtual Dynamics cables and Reimyo 777 if I am not mistaken . It sounded fabilous and was sited as being one of the best sounding rooms by several mags and net sites . He is intelligent , thoughtful and easy to work with . Highly recommended.
Thanks for all the comments. I probably should not have limited the topic to one model of Ascendo. If anyone has comments about the other Ascendo speakers, please chime in, especially if you've compared them with each other.

My understanding is that the Ascendo US distributor will be back at 2006 CES with CAT amplification. I don't know about the source.