Art tatum/Ben webster

Recently purchased,Art tatum group masterpieces Vol 8-a phenominal album,Websters sax playing is ephemerally beautiful.My question is,are there further albums of these two playing together? Thanks,Paul stevens.
To my knowledge, this recording (an inspired pairing by Norman Granz for his Pablo label) is the only time that Tatum and Webster played together. There are some other good recordings of Webster with piano, but the pairing of Webster's very mellow, breathy tenor with Tatum's rather florid style was unique.
That is a great album, and I believe JVC made an XRCD out of it if you want even better sound. Another album along those lines I'd recommend is Ben Webster Meets Oscar Peterson, available as an excellent sounding Verve Master Edition remastered CD and a Speakers Corner LP. Happy listening!
I have XRCD version and it is one of my favorite CD.
Absolutly agree with Jond about "Ben Webster Meets Oscar Peterson" and also I'd recomend "Coleman Hawkins encounters Ben Webster" - another great sounding Verve Master edition.
Happy listening!
Thanks for replying, people,I shall be buying those cd's.
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