aricaudio,mapletree,norh, quicksilver preamps

After the great disbursement (divorce), much of my stereo gear "went away"

A nice solid state amp and an adequate CD player remain. I have been noodling around with the idea of a tube preamp. This would be my first foray into tubed equipment.

Quicksilver is available locally. But there are some interesting online sites that discuss aric audio, norh and mapletree preamps.

They would be used with a tuner, CD player, and maybe an ipod dock.....then blown thru a powerful solid state amp. Any experience with these manufacturers?

I'm a newbie here, so be kind. Thank you
Dr. Lloyd Peppard of Mapletree Audio is a gem of a person and designer/builder. Easy to communicate with (I've done e-mail only), will build to order and assist with decisions, and builds a wonderful, extremely cost-effective product. I have his 2A/SE Linestage Preamp. It is by far the least expensive piece of gear in my system (I have cables which retailed for more than the pre) yet one which I have no intention of replacing. IMO it is that good. Will you love it? Only you can decide. But one thing is for sure, Dr. Peppard offers great customer service. You can deal with him with confidence.
I'll second the Mapletree, however I must disclose that I have one currently for sale here. I found it to be more musical than the QS with a fuller sound stage. I used both on top of McIntosh amps. The QS with a MC 7270; and the Mapletree with the same MC7270 and a new MC402.

Sorry I don't know the other 2 brands.