Are You Addicted to Audio?

I love Martin Logan's I love the sound of their life like images, I can't stop listening to my Aerius i, I seem to like it more then $10,000 non electrostat speakers. Is there any speaker that sounds as life like as a Martin Logan. I want a speaker that can play LOUD for my big band and large scale orchestra music. I was thinking of a Aerial Acoustics 10T or a B&W Nautilus 802 or a Dunlavy Aletha. Which do you prefer for detail, imaging power and punch?
Have had the original Sequels for years (bought new within 1 year of their original release) and have been very happy with them. However, my bias for electrostatics got stood on its (my?) ear(s) when I recently heard the Revel Salons auditioned against one of Martin Logan's bigger current models. In fairness, the Revels were a good bit more expensive, but, for the first time, I thought that the detail and speed of a good electrostatic could be enjoyed with the punch of a non-planar design. Not enough space for the Salons in my current listening room, but I'd buy them IN A HURRY for a bigger area.
AS long as there are cones moving and tweeters hissing you will not get the noisefree transparency of a true electrostat - check out the new Quads full range or the Soundlab design not the hybrids - even the ML CLSz is clearer with less distortion than a Revel.
Have you heard, tried, thought about the Wisdom Audio speakers? They will play as loud as you want with the transparency of an electrostat.
LJGJ, haven't heard the Quads or Soundlab, but have lived with MLs for about 10 years and heard much of their product line--admittedly not the 75k flagship, but most, if not all, of the rest, and I've got to disagree with you when you line them up against the Salons. I understand, don't dispute, and, for most of my period of interest in audio, have embraced, the arguments for planars generally and electrostatics specifically, but, to my ears, the Salons are a special product that warrants special recognition. Anyhow, thats what makes horse races.
HI. I have gone through the same situation regarding the Martin logans. Do yourself a favor and audition a pair of Hales Transcendance 5 speakers. They are incredible. Placed porperly, close your eyes and you will feel the music all around you. You will need power though. Good luck.