Addicted to Audiogon?

I browse this site just about every single day. Over the past few years, I've bought and sold several pieces of equipment here on the net, pretty much hassle free. Even when I'm not in the market for anything new, I still keep on top of whats available here at Audiogon. What sites are you addicted to?
Pretty much Audiogon and eBay. What's nice about eBay is new items are added throughout the day/night and the chances for finding a bargain are better. Just today a B&K PT3BII pre-amp in mint condition was sold for $229.00 using the Buy It Now feature.Just missed it :-(
Only once a day?
I am addicted to I will never get the TransAM down off the blocks if I keep spending too much time there.
What do mean ADDICTED?

Just because I look at the site 10 or 15 times a day waiting for the perfect item to become avaiable at 1/10th it's value, you call that addicted?

I don't think it's very funny to make fun of people with personality disorders.

I'm really upset about your talking about me that way!
Its ok Bill we have talked to you about this before ;) its better then some of your other interests.
Good one tirechick, I mean tireguy. (Sorry Bill, couldn't help it) BTW Tireguy, you were joking about the pornstar thing,.. weren't you?

Addicted? Try finishing a thesis with Audiogon idling in the background all day long - I never realized I had such a personality disorder!? I swear I could read these forums all day long just to avoid working on ahhhgg , my, agasp, thesis. If I have to extend I'm blaming you guys! ;-)

Just because I have my bathroom set-up like this to monitor Audiogon does not mean I'm addicted to it? Nah!I don't think so.
sweet JM&J that was funny RMMl made my day.
Iam just about even.I have brought 5 items sold 4.I visit this site everyday.Love the Forms and wanted Ads.Yes iam addicted to Audiogon and proud of it.Until something better comes along i will be here.
Yes, I count myself among the adicted. I find myself browsing every day, even though I'm in no position to buy anything right now.

Other sites I'm adicted to include: (more browsing of the unaffordable ;-)
Fuc*$ (reminding myself how lucky I am to still have a tech job in the Bay Area). (valuable dose of relatable humor) - in particular the Thursday dose of Tom the Dancing Bug - some are lousy but some are gems (check the archives). (on tubes, wine, plasma TVs and DLP projectors and audio - I find audio pickings pretty thin though).