Are there any high quality CD/DVD players under 2K

Are there any high quality CD/DVD players under $2000.00? I'm sure there are, however I just don't Know what they are. I have a pair of Triangle Antal ES, and a Primaluna Prologue two. What would the best match be. Also what exact cables do I need in order to hook the cd/dvd player, two speakers, Movie sound, the integrated amp, and an ipod. What would the best buy for someone trying to spend under $500 on cables and connects?
Used Modwright Sony 999ES with tube power supply. ~$1500. Very tough to beat.

First class customer support and service, too.
I have a Marantz dv9600 and is a real gem for around $1000
Second the Marantz DV 9600
nice; I'm checking both out right after I write this reply. Thanks for the feedback. Anyone with any recommendations on speaker cables and interconnects between cd/dvd, ipod (what Ipod dock?), and TV?