are new Blue Note records really Blue Notes ?

I've heard rumours about the new reissues of Blue Note records - that the cheaper ones ( going for $10 to $13 a pop ) are in fact not legitimate Blue Note records. the name 'Scorpio' has been tossed around. - is this an unfounded rumour or have you guys heard similar accusations floating around. It kind of makes me wonder. thoughts, opinions?
Scorpio is a firm that contracts out titles it has 'leased' the rights for, to issue LPs. They get the rights, then have some other firm make the LPs, and the LPs look just like the originals.
Googling Scorpio vinyl manufacturers got some info.
So they are basically resellers getting the rights to LPs, getting them MADE by somebody else and selling them. So they are not bootlegs, but they are also not originals. As i doubt the companies allow them to use the actual master tapes!!
So some folks say they are pretty good usually. and they do produce a lot of rare stuff, unavaiable before they took on the work.
So if you want the music, the reissues done by them may be all one can find.
I think Elizabeth is right on all counts. I purchased a number of the LPs, both Atlantic and Blue Note. Some of them do have a small sticker on the back that references "exclusively ditributed by Scorpio Music Inc". The sound quality is generally good to very good. I have noticed that 2 (of more than 30) LPs had 1 track each where there was momentary distortion, but otherwise the LPs were not warped and do not suffer from surface noise or ticks or pops. I bought them primarily due to the selection (the albums themselves are excellent and in many cases hard to find in vinyl)and the price seemed to justify taking the chance. No regrets, although it sure would be nice to find these titles in their orignal pressings in good shape!
I bought Lou Donaldson "Aligator Bogaloo" and it sounds really good. Going to buy more of these reissues for that reason and the originals never show up for sale (in a record store).
I don't like them. Most are easy to identify as they do not have a bar code on them.

I can heartily recommend the Blue Note reissue series that are remastered by Ron McMaster. These can easily be identified as they contain both a Rudy Van Gelder CD and an LP. Cost is a little higher - in the $20.00 range, and worth every penny.

They are all Blue Notes though. It's not the pressing, but the performance that makes it a Blue Note.
Interesting. A decade ago i purchased a Jackie McClain re issue and had to return it three times because they were warped. I finaly just returned it for my money and what a hassle from the vendor. Haven't bought one since. Original Blue Notes will set you back,way back.