Are Gemme Audio G5 Tonic any good?

How to they compare to other speakers in the same price range?

I'm not looking for absolute statements like "___" speakers are the best..etc

I just no nothing about them and there's a pair listed on a local canadian site and they're not selling... at $675.00 CAD.

The Tonic line was Gemme's entry line of speakers which were developed after their more expensive Vivace, Tanto, and Katana models.

I own a pair of Tanto V2s and can tell you they are fantastic and I plan on keeping them a long time. While I haven't heard the Tonic's, they appear to be a good value at that price. If you're able to hear them in person, it may be worth the drive to check them out.
Gemme Audio is no longer in business, which may be why they haven't sold.
Thanks Yakbob. The Tanto V2s are amazing speakers but well over my budget...

And yes Harley52, I know they are out of business (as Gemme anyway) so I'm a little worried about resale value. Also, these ones are the limited edition model with ribbon tweeters and I know they can sound harsh (Klipsch..).
While Gemme is out of business, most of their drivers we're " off the shelf " units. I was able to source a spare tweeter and woofer from Madisound for less than $80. not that Ineeded them, I just wanted backups ( just in case), because the Tantos are that good.

If you're still serious about the Tonics, see if you can source the drivers easily enough from another source. Then all you'd really need to be concerned with are crossovers, and it's somewhat rare for them to go out on speakers this young.