Arcam rDac + rWave- good? and really lossless?

I am in a bit of quandary on what to do- here's the problem:
I travel to europe a lot for work and have a little studio apartment where i set up a small system consisting of unison research cd player, unison research unico SE integrated, and focal micro utopia BE's.
So far so good but i go back and forth so much i am tired of brining CD's back and forth with me- so i was thinking of either ripping all my music to MacAir or even better to an external drive and then just getting a usbdac to play my music off of the computer.
However, the added issue is that the stereo is literally across the room from where i sit and i often need my computer while i listen to music- so now i need a way to connect my computer to the dac/stereo across the room and it is no small distance- and thus i started looking at the arcam solution with the rWave streaming wirelessly across the room to the rDac.
But will it cut it? Is it lossless as they claim?
I do not want to compromise sound quality if i can avoid it.
The other thought is getting an iPod classic (160GB), loading it up in the apple lossless format and then getting a dock that will bypass the internal dec + analogue circuitry and then hooking up to a dac that way (peachtree idac looks like a good all in one alternative).
I would like to keep budget to around $1000 or less for DAC.
Anyone heard the arcam rdac/rwave combination?
And or have any other suggestions of what i should look into?
Thx in advance!!
Only problem with the ipod route is that you have to walk across the room to see the tiny little menu screen on the ipod if you want to change the music. I would prefer to use an external drive hooked up to my laptop via usb, and then use the apartment's wireless internet network to beam the signal across the room to the dac. Several folks re-clock the signal coming out of an apple airport express for this, to great success. other products create their own wireless network, like the audioengine product. i don't believe this one has fixed outputs, but you can use the optical output to connect to the DAC of your choice at your audio rack. Be careful not to use a dac that transmits wirelessly using blutooth, sound quality might suffer.
Also note, most high end USB audio solutions are not wireless, at least not that i have heard.
I have a wireless rDAC and it sounds great,I love it! I dont know the specs, but I don't feel I'm missing anything...