ARC Ref3 vs Cary SLP 05

Anybody compared these two preamps using high quality solid-state power amps ?
Appreciate your comments. Thank you.
Just compared these two preamps using Pass Labs x600.5. The Cary was good but could not hang with the ARC Ref 3. The Cary was a little harsh. It had great bass extension. Please keep in mind I have tried some of the other highly recommended tubes. This could make a huge difference.
I have a CARY SLP-05 and I definitely cannot agree with Taxomega of it being harsh, mine is very smooth, detailed, along with transparent. I can't speak for the ARC Ref 3 due to I never heard it. I use the CARY with a pair of McIntosh MC-501 monoblocks and I absolutely love it.
I recently spent about 1 week with my friend's slp-05. I thought is was very detailed, excellent bass, nice mids, but I could not help but notice it was "hot" sounding, ie tipped up in the trebles. I would not call it harsh, but it called attention to itself. Now, I have heard this same preamp in his system (we have identical speakers and very similiar digital front ends) and I have not noticed this with the treble. Instead, it simply sounds like a synergistic match to my ears...
I think it is clear that there may be a compatability issue with the SLP-05/Pass amps...

(also I have an LS15 on hand and it is a great match with the Pass. The tipped up treble is not really a trait with this match.)
I forgot to add, He is running a Mc402...
Are the tubes in your unit factory issue? I have upgraded all my tubes which has enhanced the overall sound. I do believe different tube quality can have a profound effect on output.
MMitch7711, I think they were plain old Cary spec stock tubes...with plenty of life.
I don't have much experiencing tube rolling, but it seems like a nice way to tailor a particular piece to one's liking, though it may be hit and miss along the journey (yet another symmetry with this crazy addiction)
I have and still am experimenting with tube rolling, believe me it can be an adventure, there are so many combinations available, and can become expensive depending on how fast you find what you are seeking