Arc Ref 3 Integra 9.8 XM Radio

I was wondering if anyone out there has the Arc Ref 3 Preamp, Integra 9.8 Processor and listens to XM radio. I just signed up for XM Radio and I am running the XM broadcast through the processor input on my Ref3 in the same way I listen to movies in 5.1 surround. I see there is a tuner section on the Ref3. Is there any benefit in using the tuner input vs the processor input on the Ref3? I use the balanced outputs on the Integra to the processor balance inputs on the REF3. Can I use the single ended outputs on the Integra to the single ended tuner inputs on the Ref3 for possible better sound quality of the XM broadcast while leaving the processor cables intact for movie watching in 5.1 surround? Any help on the subject in general would be appreciated. Thanks
I have an LS26 and use the POC form HT as well. In my understanding of the PROC vs a TUNER/CD/etc input is that the LS26/REF3 really don't do anything other than pass that signal through at input level. I am curious how you control the volume on you XM? With the TUNER input you would have full benefit of the ARC Circuitry. At least this is how understand it.
I control the XM volume using my Integra Processor not the Ref3. I am using the processor input on the Refs as of now for XM Radio. It is the same method as when listening to movies through the processor input of the Ref3. I'm trying to figure out if there are any sonic benefits using the tuner inputs of the Ref3. Thanks