AQ "Sky" & "Eagle Eye" Feedback


I'm looking for feedback on the AudioQuest "Sky" IC's and the "Eagle Eye" digital cables.

I view them as very expensive in the stores but yet less than half the price for almost new and in some cases brand new on Audiogon and ebay. Are these cables the real deal?

Thanks, Ken
All cables sell for 50% used on AudiogoN. This is normal. Thouse who are not concerned bout the price, buy them new from their dealers.

That beeing said, AQ Sky is an excellent cable. I went from Cardas Golden Reference to Transparent Reference w/MM, and recently to AQ Sky. Before getting the Skys I also tried Nordost Valhalla and Fadel Coherence. Valhalla didn't do much for me (Valhalla power cords are seriously good though) and I have almost bought the Coherence, but ultimately I thought that it was too smooth for it's own good.

In my system and to my ears, AQ Sky was the best all around cable of the lot, with the least sonic signature.
I use the AQ Sky with 72v dbs and find it is an excellent cable, smooth without being recessed, with excellent inner detail and holographic imaging. That said, I would not out- fit my entire system with them. In conjunction with my Valhalla's running from pre to power amp, I have found an excellent balance. Two Valhalla's in series were just "too much information", so to speak, and I think (but am ot certain) Sky's in series might tilt too far in the other direction.

The Sky's also are beautiful looking cables and very well made.