APS-13 antenna owners?

Hi, thanks for your patience with my antenna questions! Is there anyone out there using the APS-13 antenna? How hard was it to mount? What sort of mounting hardware did you use? Does it rotate quickly and well?

At 200" long (over 15') I'm a little concerned about the size of this thing, and whether my current antenna mounts will handle it!
Here's a thought - is APS still marketing the APS 13? I checked on Google and its not on their web site and another dealer noted that it was no longer available.
It is most assuredly still sold. See their website at http://www.antennaperformance.com/. Click "FM Antennas" then "Outdoor" then "APS-13". I just emailed the owner last week asking about the APS-9 vs. the APS-13 and he encouraged me to go with the latter.
I have an APS 9 and am very happy with it. Sometimes longer is harder to deal with. the 9 has plenty of gain for me.

Why did APS recommend the 13 in your case?
Eric: Just keep in mind that the 13 has a greater wind load area than the 9. While i would think that APS would sell rotors that could be used with the 13 with no problems, if you are in a very windy area or happen to be in a draft pattern, the otherwise "fine" or "marginal" rotor would be pushed beyond its' limits. In such a case, the brake would not hold the rotor in place and you would end up having to re-aim the rotor every now and then. I would specifically mention this aspect of performance with the rotor / antenna combination that you are thinking about prior to purchasing / installing as you've already stated that installation / maintenance may be difficult. Sean
Hi guys, thank you for the responses! To answer your questions:

1. APS suggested that I use the APS-13 because Ed believes I need a very directional antenna to fight multipath to a particular station. I tried a 70" 6-element Radio Shack FM antenna, and got better (acceptable) results than my roof-mounted omni, but still not quite as good as I want. The APS-9 would no doubt be an improvement over the RS antenna -- I think Ed is just playing it safe here. Additional gain isn't the issue, but more tightly focused directionality is.

2. APS does sell a rotor, they have just two choices, one with and one without remote control. I assume they can do the job.

Anyone out there who has used/installed the APS-13?


How far are you from the stations you want to pick up and how close are the weak desirable stations from the strong ones? Are they in different directions or geographically contiguous> What tuner are you using>