Apple TV with External DAC?

Anyone using a Apple TV to play music with a external DAC?

I am getting my integrated tube amp soon and was thinking of getting a DAC (tube audio design TADAC) to send my apple tv and dvd/cd player to.

I've also heard that the apple tv dac is actually pretty good.
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I'm using an Apple TV as a source. It replaced an Arcam CD92 and it's better in my system (Von Schweikert VR2s, Blue Circle NSCS). The GUI is so good. It is just in a different league...

I don't have an external DAC but I'm thinking of adding one. Note that the Apple TV has optical out only (the USB port is inactive....)
so are you using the analog outputs of the apple tv? for sound....
yes. And again, I think it is better than the cd player I had. If you connect a DAC through optical, please post your results!
i'm close to buying a DAC so i'll post my finding here if i do it...