Apple TV gen 1 question

I've just purchased an Apple TV gen 1, will set it up with my current non-HDMI tv. In the future when I do upgrade to a HDMI tv, will I need to re-set the Apple TV with the new tv? Sorry if it's a dumb question to most out there. Thanks in advance.
No need to reset anything. It's plug and play with composite or HDMI.
Many thanks for the responses!
Another question: while I have a wireless network, is it possible to sync music files from my Apple laptop to the Apple TV via ethernet cable after I've done the initial setup? Or does it have to be done wirelessly? All answers appreciated.
I couldn't get mine to synch going directly from my laptop (PC) to ATV1 using an ethernet cable. Not saying I didn't do something wrong, just saying it didn't work for me.

I have connected my ATV to my wireless router through an ethernet cable and it did synch much faster.

With all that being said, if you're synching an album or two (even in Apple Lossless), it doesn't take that long to synch. I synched 2 double albums a few nights ago in about 20 minutes or so. My wireless router is also about 7 years old, so most likely not as fast as the latest and greatest, and my laptop is 8 years old. I'd imagine newer stuff would be faster.
Another question: I'm having trouble setting up my ipod Touch as a remote to control my ATV1. The Touch works a treat as a remote with my Apple laptop, but still cannot get the ATV to "talk" with my Touch. All answers appreciated, again!