Aparent speaker damage

Hi guys,
I have a little question. I was moving my Quad 11L monitors to a different position and one of them fell from it´s stand. It made me so sad.
Now I have the feeling that in very high notes, I hear a very shrill sound, like broken glass. From the outside the speaker looks undamaged. Could something have happened inside it? Do you know if there´s anything delicate, breakable inside?
I guess if it is not the speaker it must just be the new positions that is producing this noise. (Or perhaps a new plant I just got with very big leaves?),
Thanks, sorry to bring up this kind of subject...
Maybe if you swap the left and right speaker positions and see if the problem follows? That would help eliminate other factors and help prove it's the speaker itself.
After you switched the position of the speakers open the cabinet to see if anything fell off the back of the driver(s) like the magnet, or crossover components, and etc. Make sure all components are tight and not dangling around inside. Also make sure the wires are snug and fitting properly on the crossover and post.
I received a speaker once where in shipping the magnet structure had fallen off the rear of the driver and hit the crossover causing many problems. I hope you didn't experience any cabinet damage. Good Luck!
Thank you!
I did both things. Switched left and right locations, and looking inside. Everything is intact inside, and switching positions helped me figure out what happened. I just put it in writing so that perhaps someone can benefit from this later.
-- During the day I had been trying for the first time some new headphones for my mp3 player. They were really bad and I think they left me with an extreme sensitivity to the sound of the tweeter. After a couple of days, the sensation is gone.

Thank you for your suggestions. So great to have this community of audio enthusiasts!

Switching locations is always a good start, even if it does not solve the problem it allows you to move on to something else.

Glad it turned out well for you.