Anyone using Prana power cords?

Thoughts against others you have experience with?
I have a couple Satori's. I love them. Never heard the silver series though. I have owned Prana IC's and S/C's as well. The Satori's have displaced the following:

Acrolink DIY 6n/7n-4030 w/oyaide plugs, Furutech DIY with carbon plugs, Stealth Dream, Silent Source, Valhalla, JPS Aluminata. Obviously not at all at the same time, but these have lasted the longest in my system.

You can get a good feel for a few of the different models by reading a xanga blog by "rpghero27" I think he goes by "lummy" here. Great daily read.
I just got my first Satori ac cord and LOVE IT!!!!! It makes such a difference on my amp and turntable motor it's just an amazing cord.

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2nd Satori ac cord arrived and it's heavenly!

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