Anyone using Music Hall MMF 9.1 TT.

Just picked up one of these gently used ($850).  It has a Grado Prestige Gold cart, Extreme Phono Mat and came with VPI shielded RCA interconnects. Seemed like a good deal to start my vinyl adventure.  Looking for thoughts on this TT and cart alternatives.  My system is modest - Marantz PM8005 Integrated amp which has a MM input and Focal Chorus 816 speakers with Acoustic Zen Satori cables.  Totally new to vinyl so climbing a steep learning curve. 

TT sits on top os Salamander Synergy cabinet.  Do I need to worry about isolation? 
I owned a MMF 9 (with Goldring MC cart that came with it) for several years and used it in my secondary system - - on top of a Salamander Synergy 30 cabinet.  I enjoyed it very much and never had any problems with isolation.  Eventually I replaced the TT with a Rega P9.